Authors & Publishers

Authors & Publishers (partial list)

L.C. Green
• Steps to Success, A Blueprint for Business
• Success, The Principles of Financial Control
• The Principles of Small Business Taxes

LaShirl Smith
• Sideline Confessions

Martha Tucker
• The Mayor's Wife Wore Sapphires

Bill Overton
• The Media - Shaping the Image of a People

Dr. Nicoline Ambe
• A Teacher's Notes: Helping Parents Prepare Their Children at Home for Success in School

Gil Robertson
• Not in My Family
• Family Affair
• Where Did Our Love Go?

David G. Brown
• Barack, Race and the Media: Drawing My Own Conclusions

Ray Wilson
• Kelsey's Lessons on Africa, Vol. 1 & 2

George Fraser
• Success Runs in Our Race
• Race for Success
• Click: Ten Truths for Building Extraordinary Relationships
• Who Would Have Thunk It

Valerie Jackson
• The Chocolate Princess

Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn
• Women Evolved

Darryl James (Publisher, Tenacious Entertainment)
• Bridging the Black Gender Gap
• Notes from the Edge
• Detectives Affair
• The Los Angeles Riots: Three Decades of Revolution

Jennifer Latrice
• Mirror

Willa Robinson (Publisher, Author)
• Author/Recording Artist - Eloise Laws

Rev. Freda (Alfreda Lanoix)
• Go to Hell 

Angela Meryl
‘STUNTS: The How To Handbook…Secrets from an Award Winning Hollywood Stuntwoman’

Tracy Brooks
• Dancing in the Rain

Valerie Goodloe

Rickey Teems

Dr. Firpo Carr

Richard O. Jones